In partnership with brokers, Yokahu designs and launches new parametric insurance products targeted at underserved markets.


Yokahu leads the market in developing innovative new ESG and climate risk parametric products, allowing insurers to gain exposure to markets which are currently inaccessible.


Yokahu's parametric products are used to ensure staff retention following a major weather event by protecting employees' secondary losses such as income reduction.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions protect their loan portfolios from underperformance following a major weather event using parametric insurance to cover the individual borrower's interest payments for a period of time.

Affinity Schemes

Yokahu tailors unique parametric products specifically to meet the needs of members in order to reduce risk, build resilience and strengthen their brand.

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The Caribbean is one of the most underinsured regions in the world and climate change is only making the problem worse. Currently, most traditional insurance products are not an option for many in the region, leaving communities without support when a hurricane occurs.

As a global specialty (re)insurance group we have a responsibility to try and protect at-risk island communities and address the protection gap. Our collaboration with Yokahu allows us to help close the insurance gap by giving people access to affordable insurance, thereby giving them greater peace of mind.