COP 28

Yokahu is actively involved with climate change mitigation and avoidance at an international level.

In May 2023 Yokahu was invited to attend the United Nations Group of Friends of climate action summit at the United Nations in New York. At the summit, hosted by the missions of France and Morocco, all UN countries discussed and agreed an action plan. One component of this plan was support for work being carried out by the United Nations office for Information and Communications Technology and UNESCO together with the private sector for data interoperability on climate reporting.

At this summit, the UN Group of Friends shortlisted Yokahu for it's 'AI for the Planet' award and recognised the value of startups' contribution to climate change mitigation

In December 2023, Yokahu was invited by UNEP and UNCCC to speak at COP28 to adress the delegates on the impact and use of AI on climate mitigation. Whilst we agree with UNEP that not enough is being done to mitigate the effects of anthropogenic climate change and that without further changes the planet is on target for up to 2.9 degrees of global warming, COP 28 was nevertheless a landmark event in that nearly every country in the world agreed to transition away from fossil fuels, the main driver of climate change. COP 28 also saw agreement on the framework for the 'loss and damage' fund, which small island nations have been sounding the alarm over for three decades. Away from the formal negotiations, COP28 brought a wave of new international pledges covering everything from oil-and-gas company emissions and tripling renewables to food systems and integrating action on climate change and biodiversity loss.

Watch the full video of Yokahu co-founder Farid Tejani at COP28 below.