About Yokahu

Yokahu is a fully automated insurance intermediary. We sell parametric insurance policies that are based on provable events rather than resulting losses. As soon as a defined parameter is met - wind speeds reach 74 miles per hour in your set location for example - your policy pays a predetermined amount automatically, within hours.

We spent two years developing technology to automate this insurance experience for people, creating the distribution network to reach those people efficiently, and testing the data to ensure a reliable outcome.

We achieved our position as a Lloyd's of London Coverholder and launched operations in November 2021. Sales began in nine Caribbean islands in May 2022.

Yokahu origin


Yokahu is founded on first-hand experiences of the lasting effect of climate catastrophe on underinsured communities.

Yokahu partnerships


Yokahu has developed partnerships with organisations that are leading the world in climate resilience and preparedness.

Yokahu team


Amongst its executive team, board and advisers Yokahu has brought together world experts to realise a bold and ambitious goal.