How it Works

We use the latest NOAA Global Forecast System to pay you a pre agreed cash sum when the wind speed at your home reaches 74mph during a Hurricane.

The stronger the Hurricane, the more you receive.

Sign up and tell us where you live

We monitor the weather at your home

During a Hurricane, winds above 74mph affect your home

We automatically send you an agreed cash sum based on the Yokahu storm category

You can use the money however you need - it's yours!

Premiums start at the equivalent of US$ 5 per month

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Protect yourself and your Planet

Independent Weather Data:

We use the NOAA’s Global Forecast system to determine whether you get paid. This is an independent and publicly available data source.

A Rated Security:

We are partnered with Lloyd’s of London who payout on our behalf. An A rating means they have been rated “Excellent” in terms of Financial Strength.

Climate Positive:

We offset the entire carbon footprint of our workforce and plant a tree per customer. This helps prevent hurricanes becoming stronger and protects everyone from the impacts of climate change.